FMO Sells Shares in TBC Holding

FMO Sells Shares in TBC Holding March 6, 2018Leave a comment

Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO) who has sold its shares in TBC Holding. Institutional investors of UK, USA and Europe have purchased the shares under accelerated deal managed by? Barclays ?? Renaissance Capital.

\”FMO was on the list of four international banking companies that owned shares in TBC Holding. It owned 4.4% on the bank’s stock capital. Entirely, international banking companies held 55.8% with the bank’s stock capital before 2014, before first positioning of the bank’s shares at London Stock Exchange (LSE). In 2016 the ratio was reduced to 23.2% after FMO sold shares. Currently international banking companies hold 15.1% shares in TBC PLC.

FMO continues commercial relations with FMO\”, the bank’s report reads.

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