Merger of TBC Bank and Bank Republic to do Later in April

Merger of TBC Bank and Bank Republic to do Later in April January 2, 2018Leave a comment

TBC Bank informs clients of Bank Republic over the following changes.

Branch of Bank Republic, locating in Pekini str.28 will be abolished from April 3 and customers must be using Bank Republic\’s operators at TBC\’s service centre in Pekini str.5A.

The management expects to accomplish the merger late April and wants to celebrate extend by Giorgoba Holiday. Now, accounts of Bank Republic\’s industry is already linked to TBC Bank, but there is no balance yet. TBC Bank has now issued banking cards to replace files and beneficiaries are introduced to the terms within the branches.

Besides the abolishment of Pekini branch, there are plenty of adjustments in some branches of Bank Republic through April 1-9. Repair works are planned during the several branches of Bank Republic, Tbilisi: Gldani, Tsereteli, Tamar Mephe service caners, and Batumi, Zugdidi, Telavi, Rustavi and Samtredia. A number of the branches are going to be abolished as soon as the repair and the one that will likely be joined to TBC Bank\’s chain is unknown yet.

Now the service chain is presented by TBC Bank\’s 120 and Bank Republic\’s 41 service centers.

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