PASHA Bank Supports Eco Project in Kondoli Village

PASHA Bank Supports Eco Project in Kondoli Village December 21, 2017Leave a comment

On April 1st Rotary Club Tbilisi Ambassador in partnership with PASHA Bank accomplished an eco-project in Kondoli village (Telavi region, Kakheti). The work have also been sustained by World Vision and Palitra Holding bookstores chain Biblus.

The project implied planting the trees during the school yard, setting up a playground and formation in the eco-club. Local young children and World Vision beneficiaries were directly active in the process. The outdoor activities were accompanied by screening of your film with regards to the environmental issues and a seminar concerning ecology. The newly established eco-club takes responsibility to care for the garden and managing paper waste that will be taken to Palitra Holding bookstore Biblus and exchanged for books.

\”Supporting this project was of double importance for PASHA Bank, because it combines both directions we give attention to implementingwithin our CSR. It absolutely was lovely to determine the schoolchildren so eagerly in the working process coupled with World Vision beneficiaries. PASHA Bank intentions to initiate and support more projects of eco-friendly nature,\” – said Anano Korkia, Head of PR and Marketing Department at PASHA Bank.

\”It needs to be noted that ecological situation in Georgia becomes worse every day. This could cause certain earthquakes together with other environmental issues in future. Thus we will quickly direct its resources towards slightly improving ecological situation, starting in Kondoli village. This project is multifunctional and may remain sustainable, because here children read about the significance about ecology as well as plant trees to totally enjoy the process.\” C said Bidzina Kumsiashvili, Charter President of Rotary Club Tbilisi Ambassador.

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