TBC Bank Appoints New Chief Risk Officer David Chkonia

TBC Bank Appoints New Chief Risk Officer David Chkonia December 4, 2017Leave a comment

David Chkonia which has Fifteen years of experience inside risk management will occupy the post depute of risk management director and general director in TBC.

Before David Chkonia joined TBC group, he possessed the post of \”BlackRock\”( \”BlackRock Solutions Group\”), where he consulted banking companies and regulators concerning entrepreneurship risks, balance strategies and regulation-related issues.

David Chkonia occupied the post of senior vice-president and consulted companies concerning risks, especially credit and capital market transactions.

Earlier on, David Chkonia worked in organizations and corporations like: European Resolution Capital, Goldman Sachs and Europe Reconstruction and Development Bank.
David Chkonia holds a BA degree of San Jose University and MA level of the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania.

\”We are extremely glad that David Chkonia joined TBC Bank board of directors with the position of risk management. He\’s an exceptionally big experience working in financial services and risk managemtn. Best that Davit will contribute quite a bit while in the development and increase of our bank\”-declared TBC Bank General Director, Vakhtang Butskhrikidze.

David Chkonia replaced TBC Bank risk management director Goga Tkhelidze, that has been appointed for the reason that head of TBC Bank Corporative and investment bank business management.

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